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You're not alone!

I struggle with putting myself first too - but that doesn't mean your clients' dreams are any more important than yours (in fact, yours should be the most important - you can't pour from an empty cup.) I'm here to help you hash out the nitty gritty details of your big ideas, map out the steps to help you get there, and the accountability to get it done - all while taking a holistic approach to ensure we're setting you up for sustainable success (I'm definitely not here to add to your burnout)!  You don't have to do it all alone, and often what you need is a little direction to  take the first step!

My Quarterly Planning VIP Date gives you the high level support and access of an OBM without the high ticket price tag - because everyone deserves this kind of support.. We'll reflect on the past quarter, check in with how you're really feeling, set goals for the next quarter, and then give you a roadmap of exactly how to move that needle forward. Building healthy habits around putting ourselves first takes time and accountability, so I'll check in with you each month to help you adjust and realign if things have gotten off track!

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What You Get

It's time to put your business first. No more putting yourself at the end of your to-do list. All it takes is 2 hours of your time + a commitment to future you that you're ready to build a business that supports your lifestyle, not one that dictates it. 

$900 ($300/month)

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01. A 2 hour guided call
Help you work through your big ideas, reflect on what needs to change, and strategize for a future that supports you as a whole (not just the productive side of you.)

02. Customized roadmap in your project management tool of choice (ClickUp, Notion, Asana, or Airtable)
Remove the overwhelm and distraction of all the things you “should” be working on, breaking your quarter into weekly tasks to make your goals more easily digestible and attainable.

03. Accountability through monthly email check-ins.
Supporting you through unexpected delays, shifts in the end goal, and that nudge on your shoulder to stay on task when it's so easy to make an excuse not to. Additional calls can also be booked for a discount within the quarter planned!

She was able to help me not only set up by back-end systems, but work with me strategically through ebbs and flows in my business. The benefit of having someone who can not only manage the tactical details that I am awful at, but who also considers the human behind the business, is unmatched. Once we had built up our partnership, I knew I could trust her to see around corners and own areas of my business as carefully and expertly as I would. My business and mental state are truly all the better for having Shayne's support!
- Bryn, Grey & Gold Creative

I feel so lucky to have worked with Shayne! She came into my business as a true thought partner and support system. 



You bet! I do require all payments to be made before your VIP Date so you'd begin your payment plan the quarter before we do your planning for! Send me an email and I'm happy to send over a separate booking link to get you on a monthly plan!

when should I book?

It depends! if you follow the traditional quarterly schedule I'd suggest booking your call either the month before or during the first couple weeks of each quarter! If you have seasonal busy periods, you may want to shift your quarters to fit your needs better! I can help with that too!


Sure you can!! I highly encourage surrounding yourself with a community you can lean on for support and quick questions! The difference in hiring me to help you plan your quarter is that the entire focus of our call is only on you! I'll also build out your game plan to tackle the next quarter and ensure it's achievable considering the personal goals you're hoping to achieve as well! (Would a even really good friend do that for you?!)  

i'm not sure if i'm ready to hire a team, is this for me?

YES! This offer was built with the solopreneur in mind - for someone who sometimes feels like they miss the ease of having a boss just tell you what to do and how to get there. It definitely doesn't hurt if you have a team either - we can plan for certain tasks to be handed off to a team member or contractor depending on the goals you're looking to reach!





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